LIGHTWEIGHT SOLUTIONS 300 times stronger than glass



Clear, coloured or opal Hammerglass systems offer exciting solutions for walls and roofs. The panels can be supplied in lengths of up to 6 metres, or jointed in an endless stretch with watertight joins. The Hammerglass panels can be shaped to fit curved roofs. For applications with a small glass radius a flexible surface treatment can be applied to permit bending of the panels. The extremely hard, smooth surface of the Hammerglass nano coating helps to ensure that, in most cases, dirt and dust are washed off the roof structure by the rain.

An excellent choice

  • Half the weight of ordinary glass
  • 300 times stronger than glass
  • The panels are made to measure after a steel construction has been assembled
  • Ready-made solutions for fixing and installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • May also be supplied in IR form, with 50% heat reduction

Lättviktslösningar för stora konstruktioner

För resecentrat, bussterminalen och perrongen krävs ofta kraftiga takkonstruktioner med bärande stål för att hålla de stora glasytorna på plats. Här passar Hammerglass utmärkt - 300 ggr starkare än glas och med bara halva glasvikten.


Vi levererar flexibla taklösningar med Hammerglass-skivor monterade i befintlig konstruktion eller projektspecifika profiler, exempelvis L-profil med klämprofiler i glasskarvarna för vattentät sammanfogning. Varje fack mäts individuellt, varefter glasen fräses fram.





Hela väderskydd gör resenären glad

Permanenta väderskyddslösningar för busskurar, perrongskydd, torgmiljöer etc, som håller resenären torr och glad. Skämmande glaskross efter vandalism, höga saneringskostnader och byten av tunga svårhanterliga glasskivor elimineras.


  • Kompletta konstruktioner med integrerat bullerskydd för perronger
  • Hammerglass egen krossäkra busskur
  • Utbyte av befintliga glas



Läs mer om BUSSKURAR


A 12 millimeter life-saver

A modern, electrical protective roof structure to cover overhead contact lines on bridges over railway tracks. The electrical protective shield is strength-calculated to allow for snow- and wind load and for the wind load from passing trains. The watertight and tamper-proof solution forms a solid barrier against live conductors, and can be manufactured in execution class EXC2 or EXC3.





Design and installation

Bring us into your discussions at the idea stage. Our designers will prepare drawings and offer suggestions for functional solutions. We will be happy to provide tenders for complete projects: Made-to-measure Hammerglass, posts, fixing systems and installation.